A “bed turning” is like a modern day “show and tell.” in the past, women would gather to share their work. As each quilt was presented, the maker would tell its story, including information about the pattern, fabric, and family history. The quilts presented at the bed-turning are more than 50 years old and include stories that are part of the heritage of that family. If you shared your quilts at QF 2018, feel free to do it again. 

Entries must be dated on or before May 16, 2020, and mailed to: Antique Bed Turning, P.O. Box 310828, New Braunfels, TX 78131.  If you would rather email the form, send it to [email protected] 

Quilts must be delivered to the New Braunfels Convention Center on Thursday, July 23, between 1-5 p.m. unless other arrangements are made with the chairperson. Quilts will need to be picked up on Sunday, July 26, between 12-3 p.m.
Entry Form